The concept of our stages includes a full week of triathlon trainings for you, more than 22 hours of coached sessions. Detailed weekly training plan can be seen at each Stage description.

Our Stages run from October to May from next year.

Expect a perfect mixture of planned training and freedom to do your own stuff, as you will also have free time to recover, and in case you decide to push harder we will provide plenty of training options to do during this free time.
Visits the city of Alicante or surroundings is also a possibility, so we will give you all public transportation information departing from the resort at your arrival.

The accommodation provided at our stages are private chalets for 4 persons. It´s planned to offer you a place where you can take care of your own diet, as you will have a full kitchen at your chalet and a complete supermarket at the resort.
Or if you prefer you can book your stay with a half board meal plan included.
The resort offers also a Gym and Swimming Pool for free usage and a Spa with a little extra charge.

If you prefer to leave your bike at home, we also have a service of bike renting. So just book it at the same time you book your stage, and we will take care of having it ready for you at your arrival (don’t forget your shoes and pedals).

As you can see our stages are a mix of full package and freedom, where you also have the possibility to enjoy at your own pace and have you free time.


We are triathletes, we are client oriented and we are locals. Three big reasons to choose us for your next Triathlon Stage in Spain.

We have a full qualified team, Official Triathlon Trainers by the Spanish Triathlon Federation, Swim Smooth Certified Coaches and professionals that will guarantee that your stay will run smoothly.
Visit our STS Team page to meet them.


We came up with the idea of developing in Alicante our own triathlon stages in 2015 and we have been working on it until today.

Santa Pola (Alicante) is a great place to train because:

1. It has connections to all international airports in Europe.
2. It has a great weather throughout the year, with a low average rainfall and a high average temperature.
3. It has great and quiet roads and paths and high standard accommodations and infrastructures.

Therefore we want to share it with you and give the opportunity to all athletes to come and train with us.


We have planned everything, so you only have to take care of pick a flight and the rest is on us. We will pick you up and all your material from the airport and we will bring you to our resort.

The resort is located in a privileged area where all trainings will start and end up.
It is a closed a fully secured area where you will be able to leave all your material without any worries, has private chalets will all needed ( Kitchen, Gym, Swimming Pool, Spa, Restaurant, Super Market….) to make the most of your stay.

So expect to come, train, relax and enjoy a great area of Spain.