Here is the STS Team JJ – Langkawi, Malasya Ironman 2016 race review. Alarm clock sound, it’s 3:55 in the morning and it is race day. After some days of adaptation/activation and having some fun in Malasya, we are heading to the hotel breakfast, we only hope today’s one it’s a bit lighter than the

We love coaching and run triathlons, but we love to be part of them too.   Once again the STS team has been living from the inside Valencia’s Triathlon, we love coaching and run triathlons, but we love to be part of them too and help them grow every year. The Valencia Triathlón 2016 was

The real deal was close….. a full Marathon after the Swimming and Bike Splits. Spectators in Vitoria gives you wings. The Marathon is the toughest part of an Ironman, in Vitoria is probably the best sector because the spectators in this city are so close to the athletes, that their “Come On boy” calls gives

JJ part of the STS Team – Trainier Manager of our Triathlon Stages and Trainings in Alicante (Spain) was there and has for us a full review of Vitoria´s 2016 Triathlon in Full Iron Distance, where he took part. The triathlon of Vitoria this year took place on the 10th July, JJ is going tell

Hi, I am Jose Juan Anton, mostly know as JJ in Elche (Alicante), where I come from. I have been practising sport since I am a child, but since 2010 as I got in contact with triathlon, my professional life and career has been around it. I joined my first Triathlon Club named A300W almost