We are glad to show you briefly how our Resort looks like, which are the type of roads you would be able to train at, how will be your training time in Spain with us… It´s a short and home-made version, but we hope you get the passion and the hungry attitude to become Triathletes

We are glad to present Domenico as part of our Pro Guest Trainer at SpainTriStages. Let’s leave this space to present himself, so you can get to know this excellent Pro Triathlete with a great story behind. Welcome Domenico, we can’t wait your Camps to start with us, we know they will be great. In

Hi I am Roberto Guzmán another crazy guy always thinking on bikes an training, born in Madrid. A little bit about my professional background To tell you about me a little bit, I could start with my professional background. Basically I could summarize it saying that I have been in the last years combining my

Hi, I am Enrique Planelles Marcos and I have been connected to sports world all my life, which has offered me the possibility to combine my education with sport and sports competition, what it’s I am passionate about. To be outlined from my education: -Graduated in Sports Science. -Master Degree in High Performance Sports by