Enrique Planelles – Swim Smooth Certified Coach

Hi, I am Enrique Planelles Marcos and I have been connected to sports world all my life, which has offered me the possibility to combine my education with sport and sports competition, what it’s I am passionate about.

To be outlined from my education:

-Graduated in Sports Science.
-Master Degree in High Performance Sports by the Spanish Olympic Committee.
-Triathlon Trainer Level 3.
-Video Analysis and Crawl Technique Correction Certified Coach by SwimSmooth in Perth Australia.

As Trainer I had the pleasure to train a significant number of Elite ones such as Ruben Galván, Raúl Guevara…., also different Clubs from Alicante as Club Atletisme Crevillent where I train the young promises, during 5 years. Also Club Ilicitano Triatlón, as techinque director and the high performance triathletes group, during almost 8 years. Actually training to LA208 Triatlón Club, as Technique director and main trainer.

A pleasure to join now STS – SpainTriStages, and waiting to welcome lots of European Triathletes to show them my training playground and train together.


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