We love coaching and run triathlons, but we love to be part of them too.


Once again the STS team has been living from the inside Valencia’s Triathlon, we love coaching and run triathlons, but we love to be part of them too and help them grow every year.

The Valencia Triathlón 2016 was scheduled in a 2 days competition, with a Sprint and Super Sprint distance on Saturday and Olimpic distance on Sunday.


Our task during the whole weekend, was to manage the run aid station and get ready refreshments for the triathletes. Of course not only to give them material power, also animate them during the competition with lots of claps, smiles and music!


More than 1500 triathletes took part on Saturday menu

More than 1500 triathletes took the start on Saturday, with lots of waves on both 2 distances an another wave only for the women category, called Triatlon de la mujer, a popular/beginners Triahtlon for womans who want to start competing in Triathlon.

At 7.30am the first wave of 200 athletes from a total of 1500, at the Olympic Triathlon distance, stood at the start of the competition in which at first glance seemed to be a fight between the 6 favorites. Victor Benages took the front in the first stroke, although he could not make it on his own and was every time accompanied by a group throughout the segment formed by Antonio Benito original from Valencia, Emilio Aguayo, Alejandro Cañas, Alberto Parrilla, and Roberto Sanchez Mantecon.

The six athletes finished the T1 together forming a Pelotón in the bike segment, where the good collaboration helped to increase the gap with the second group, getting distance from strong competitors as Ramon Ejeda.

The group made up together the T2 and the run section started, heading was for Antonio Benito and Roberto Sanchez Mantecon. Roberto, now part of the University of Alicante Triathlon Club tried to leave Antonio with several attacks, but the solid athlete of Ciudade de Lugo Fluvial held on and finally managed to make a final sprint that gave him victory over Mantecon beating the triathlon best timing with a final time of 1 hour 52 minutes 23 seconds.

Behind Victor Benages got the third place on the podium doing an excellent solo career but followed closely by Alejandro Cañas, the Arcade Inforhouse Athlete Santiago who was fourth. The Valencian Emilio Aguayo ( CDM Triatló Avant Moncada ) was fifth Paratriatló getting the last of the male prize money.


Sara Pérez was taking the lead in the Swim doing an very aggressive Bike section

In the women race Sara Pérez was taking the lead in the swim doing an very aggressive bike section, heading out at T2 with more than 3 minutes of its direct rivals, Joselyn Brea and Anna Godoy.

Sara Pérez, kept the lead until the second lap of the Run Section, were the the excellent run segment of Joselyn granted her the first position winning the Valencia Triathlon 2016 in 2 hours 8 minutes and 8 seconds, also record in the women’s race . Sara Pérez finished second and Anna Godoy of Cidade de Lugo Fluvial third, both had been agreed after speaking with the STS Team, that the race was very hard due to the high temperatures on the weekend.



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