Roberto Guzmán – Web & Marketing Manager

Hi I am Roberto Guzmán another crazy guy always thinking on bikes an training, born in Madrid.

A little bit about my professional background

To tell you about me a little bit, I could start with my professional background.

Basically I could summarize it saying that I have been in the last years combining my Online Marketer career, with more that 10 years experience in different companies, with some Enduro Mountain Bike Championships organization as well as participating in new sports development in Spain such as Pickleball.

Finalised my studies as Bachelor of Tourism Management at UNED university in my hometown.
After living in Berlin for three years, I had the opportunity to travel to several countries and learn the language, developed my passion about customer care working at different positions facing customers everyday and from everywhere.

I have been working for big Online Companies (Travel, Advertising Agencies, E-Commerce….) and handling most of the time the responsibility of making the businesses grow.

I am an entrepreneur…

Since two years I am an entrepreneur, and helped to start and successfully organized a Mountain Bike Championship named Endurama, that is going successfully to achieve his second edition in 2016.
At the same time, established as a Mountain Biking Travel Company, that provided organization for several private mountain bike travels around Spain as well as supporting the international participants travelling to the different stages of the Championship.

I am now fully dedicated to

Now I am trying to keep connecting my passion for bikes an travels with my way of living, therefore I am fully dedicated to, which has a direct connection to it and to Triathlon.
Be sure I will bring all my experience and background for the best development of the Stages and for the enjoyment of the athletes while their stay in my country.

Expecting to meet you soon and have you here at



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