A Swim Smooth Masterclass is scheduled in all our Stages.

After a Masterclass with Enrique Planelles, our Certified Swim Smooth Coach, your swimming skills will improve for sure.

Enrique will cover, during 2 or 3 hours depending on participants number, the basics of the Swim Smooth Technique.
During this group session, you will learn:
  • how to get more stroke with less effort.
  • being efficient on your swimming.
  • helping you with valuable tips.
  • ….

We are sure you will not regret this time with such an expert that has been training Spanish triathletes for more than 10 years.

Get your Swim Smooth Video Analysis during your Stage.

Enrique will spend around one hour recording you with HD cameras.

You will get the best results of the Swim Smooth Technique with a Video Analysis.
(Video Analysis is NOT included in Stage price – needs to be purchased separately.
Purchase it in advance to reserve it during your Stage, as slots are limited. + info here).

During the video analysis:
  • You will be recorded from all perspectives while swimming.
  • Visualize with Enrique one by one, observing errors and getting inputs to perform better.
  • All project will be recorded with video and voice and give to you in a usb memory stick.
  • Finalize with a practice session one to one, with corrections and improvements.

An Introduction to Swim Smooth Certified Coaches

Swim Smooth Masterclass Pictures

If you have any question about the Swim Smooth Masterclass or Video Analysis, do not hesitate contacting us.