Vitoria Triathlon 2016 – Full Iron Distance – Race Review (Run)

The real deal was close….. a full Marathon after the Swimming and Bike Splits.

Spectators in Vitoria gives you wings.

The Marathon is the toughest part of an Ironman, in Vitoria is probably the best sector because the spectators in this city are so close to the athletes, that their “Come On boy” calls gives you literally wings.

Pains came earlier that expected, and my pace was not good from the beginning , running at 5:00 min/km pace was the main goal, but to reach this average I think you must start your run at 4:40 min/km, because on the second part always the pace will fall down even if you are a good runner or not.

The mental strength was the most important at this point.

With that scenario the mental strength was the most important, managing my bad thoughts and of course that little voice in my head telling me to stop, was my goal at that point.

My coach always says me that I am not a bad runner, but I have to believe on my skills… but this was not the day for believing. I stopped on the km10 aid station, and that was the biggest mistake.

A friend phoned my trainer and my parents…an that gave me wings again

Next 22 kilometres after the aid station were a carnage way for me…
But the main goal of all average triathletes is to finish, so luckily at km 32 I saw a good friend on the street and told me that he just phoned my trainer and my parents to tell him where I was. That did a click in my head and again gave me wings. I started to run at a really slow pace, but at least running, my goal then was not to stop and reach the finish line…

So it was and I finished with a time of 10h 45m, far away of my goal for this race, but I am happy that I finished.

I can say I learned to manage pain on the last part, and this is for sure a key factor for future races.

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