Vitoria Triathlon 2016 – Full Iron Distance – Race Review

JJ part of the STS Team – Trainier Manager of our Triathlon Stages and Trainings in Alicante (Spain) was there and has for us a full review of Vitoria´s 2016 Triathlon in Full Iron Distance, where he took part.

The triathlon of Vitoria this year took place on the 10th July, JJ is going tell us how he lived the race and how the weather was.

Thanks JJ for the review and the great effort.

No…. it was not my best race, but I have to say that I learn a lot from it.

45 minutes delay due to a intense fog…

Race start was delayed 45 minutes due to a intense fog, what always is a contra as for such a distance and amount of hours, every minute counts, also not helping in my concentration.
My swim was good and on the first lap my time was on 31 minutes, then I decided it was the moment to keep my pace a bit steady and my time at exit was 1h 04m 45s.

I did a really quick transition and I started the bike sector at 220w, which was my wattage goal.

By km 30 I realized something wasn’t going well….

By km 30 I realized the pain on my feet was tremendous and the fight against my mind to handle the suffering started.
I knew it was then the moment to start regulating the watts and efforts and I started to road at 190w, this probably would make a mark under 5h 10m that is a good one, but not the goal I had been training for.
With 30km to go, the wind started to get stronger and my pace fell down dramatically, then I went on my bars and tried to be the most aero I could.

Finally  my bike split was 5h 02m, and I started to run…..stay tuned for the run review, as It needs a full post for it.



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